Quality Objectives

///Quality Objectives
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  1. Program Quality – To ensure that each academic program obtains and maintains accreditation/recognition from MQA/Professional Bodies.

  2. Graduate Quality – To ensure that 80% of undergraduate students graduate within the specified minimum period (GOT).

  3. Graduate Quality – To ensure Graduate Employability (GE) reaches 70% for each program.

  4. Teaching & Learning (P&P) Process Quality – The ratio of academic staffs to students for each program is based on program standards that have been set by MQA, Professional Bodies and JPA.

  5. Teaching & Learning (P&P) Process Quality – To ensure 100% complete teaching files are received by the faculty four (4) weeks after the new semester.

  6. Teaching & Learning (P&P) Process Quality – To ensure 100% of lecturers get an e-nilai score above 80%.